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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Age is a Virtue

In my opinion, age is a virtue. A youthful person can learn so much by talking and spending time with an elder. The opportunity to learn stories about how life was like decades ago gives you the chance to appreciate what you have and all that you have. Today life is a lot easier in terms of the quality of living and with all the medical breakthroughs. Too many people fail to appreciate what they have and the opportunities that they are given. This world may very well have its ups and downs but it is important that we focus on what we can do to improve it. Learning from our elders how life has changed throughout the years, how inflation has escalated and how the current generation neglects to live life to the fullest. Do yourself a favor, speak to someone from an older generation and learn how to live a better life from what they tell you.


Anonymous said...

A wise head on young shoulders most young people dont give a damn about anything other than drink and drugs keep up the good work. Btw I still think you need to pursue politics as a career path.


yo said...

a person needs 5 friends... a older friend, a younger friend, a friends who listens, a friend who is smart, and Iforgot the last friend ;)


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