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Monday, July 16, 2007

How We Can Do Our Part

The big question is, what can you do to do your part. Here are my suggestions for you all on how you can do your part:

1. Visit
There you will find ways you can contribute to the cause and decrease polutants that contribute to global warming.

2. Take part in community service. You can help america's youth realize that they are the future and that their decisions will have an impact on future generations.

3. Plant a tree, participate in park services. Trees consume a large portion of the carbon we emit, decreasing air pollution.

4. Bring your own bags to the supermarket. Plastic bags take a lot longer to break down and cause pollution in landfills. Paper bags are recyclable and are easily biodegradable.

- Save oil and/or trees. In the US, about 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees go to producing plastic and paper bags each year. Reusing makes cents. Stores like Albertsons and Wild Oats offer a 5-penny discount if you bring your own. Be a role model. Other shoppers'll watch and learn. Make sure plastic bags don't harm sea creatures. They're one of the 12 most commonly found items in coastal cleanups. (courtesy of

5. Educate others on the effects of global warming and share this information to help them make wiser choices.

Visit this site for more information on the causes and effects of global warming.


Anonymous said...

In and around Ohio, Kroger also offers a 5 cent discount on your bill per bag used. Not many people know that, but I'll do my part to spread the word.

ben said...

oh wow, lol i even work(ed) at kroger and didn't know that. you mean, if i brought in my own bags i'd get a .05 discount for each one that was used, right?

ForGlory said...

Correct, most Krogers give you a 5 cent discount per bag on your bill. If your groceries fill 5 bags, you save yourself 25 cents.

ForGlory said...

Plus, you would be doing the world a big favor.

yo said...

(sigh) many people read this and don't even do it they are lazy! But its for your own good! and they still won't do it!

The Snizz said...

heres a thought, instead of buying all those pretty bottles of water you find in every store in america, go buy a tap water purifier. Plastic water bottles are an economic disater. They clog our landfills, the energy spent to make the plastic (plant time, fossil fuel burning, etc) the actual transport of the water (espically water that is brought into the country like evian and fiji). America has one of the best rated tap water in the world. I can understand drinking bottled water in ethiopia or nigera but in america we have steady reclamation and higher standards for our drinking water. Think about it. You CAN do something to save the world. Be a hero

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