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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Proof in the Picture


I recently watched an interesting show on the Discovery Channel that compared the effects of global warming we are currently experiencing on earth to what our twin planet Venus, experienced many years ago. Just take a look at the picture of earth and the picture of Venus. Both planets bare an uncanny resemblance huh? No. It was documented that millions of years ago Venus had a similar environment to earth. Lush bodies of water, symbols of life. Over time, the atmosphere of Venus became thinner and weaker due to what scientists like to call global warming. Today, scientists use Venus to predict the effects global warming could have on the earth over time. I do not know about you, but I prefer to keep things the way they are. We need to take action and clean up our ways to assure that we indeed clean up our planet. Those that say we are over-exaggerating the effects of global warming, take a visit to Venus.


Asmodhai said...

Personally, I don't think that the world will even make it far enough into the future to turn into a ball of fire. I mean, by no means am I against trying to fix what we have ruined, or atleast not ruin the planet anymore than it already is, but I mean, it would take so long for this to happen, the sun will probably explode and destroy earth before that time even came close I would imagine.

Sure, that seems like a longshot, but it would take a very, very long time for the earth to turn out that way.

People don't seem to realize if everyone did one or two small things a day that is billions of things that will help the earth from suffereing from the mass pollution we feed it all the time. The pollution is never ending from mills, and factorys and power plants and etc. However, people in the city and people just in general sitting at home can contribute alot and eventually, the pollution of mills and whatnot won't be such a big threat as people are conserving and that will overtake the pollution from factorys and whatnot.

I'm kinda' just rambling how I feel because FallenSword is down, but I like you're blog and I plan on trying to visit atleast once a day, hopig for new material. =]

yo said...

it will make it tht far... I thought it was sposse to be all blue... guess it was the oppisite color.

Anonymous said...

Well did all of you guys ever heard about the doomsday on Desember 21st 2012? There are lots of videos about it in YouTube. I'd like all of you guys to watch those videos. And they are true. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

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