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Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael Vick Charges

The Michael Vick Dogfighting charges are the most gruesome and disturbing charges I have ever seen a professional athlete be accused of. First off, I find it hard to see why such an athlete would fail to realize the negative consequences that could be a result of his actions. Today, people need to use their head instead of making spur of the moment decisions that wind up heavily costing them. A person with so much potential to do good in this world, does the complete opposite. Just baffles me. I cannot get over how money gets to the head of these people. But back to the legal side of the story. If Vick is indeed charged with these allegations of torturing, killing and breeding dogs for such a violent activity, the NFL has to take action and ban him from the sport. This goes beyond the punishment one should receive for steroids or drugs because of the inhumane nature of the allegations. What do you feel should be a just punishment for Vick and do you feel he is guilty?


A concerned fan said...

I can tell you exactly why he did this. He makes al the money. He thinks he is on top of the world and is untouchable.

And yes the NFL does need to do something about this. Even if he is not indicted. Nothing like this should go without any form of punishment. I myself hope that he gets the maximum 6 years in prison. But we all know he will get out on bail after probably 3. Still, he doesn't deserve to ever make as much money as he did, and if it was up to me, i would have him pay to play in the NFL from now on.

I certainly hope he gets the maximum sentence. He deserves every single day he spends rotting in a jail cell.

Anonymous said...

whatitdo here, and yes, what vick is alleged to have done is despicable. even if he didn't head the ring of dog fighters, it is still disappointing to see someone involved in such activities. What are all of the little kids thinking right now? Should role-models act like this? The fact that he is such a public figure makes his actions even worse.

It disgusts me that a man of his wealth has to resort to such a violent "sport" as a means a pleasure. Why doesn't he engage in philanthropy? Bill Gates has billions and you don't see him breeding dogs to fight. Build schools with your money, Michael, not a bigger rap sheet.

yo said...

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