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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Causes and Effects

I figured a little education on how global warming is caused and the effects it could have on us would be beneficial to help you begin helping others. Remember, the world is not perfect but doing your part will keep it at its peak. Another interesting note, most new cars today that run on diesel fuel also run on a new fuel called biodiesel which is a byproduct of vegetable oil. Within the next few years, biodiesel should be making its way into gas stations across the country. It reduces environmentally hazardous emissions by up to 80%.


yo said...

wow! I didn't learn al that in school... or I forgot =P

Anonymous said...

Again, just a minor tidbit of information which makes you wonder... in the early 90's ford had produced a truck that i believe was low-to-zero - emission and got somewhere close to 60-70 miles per gallon (maybe way more). A few hundred were sold at dealerships to test it's popularity. Several months later the trucks were recalled for no reason. None had broken down, and Ford refused to give a viable explanation.

That really makes one wonder. Surely these trucks weren't recalled because they were excellent... or maybe they were. Should something genius be withheld because it was invented "before it's time"? notice how FINALLY, after this "war" over oil, we are deciding to maybe invest in things like solar power and other means of fuel. Things we could have been in the process of developing for DECADES, but didn't, because we didn't have to yet. And now, the only reason we ARE considering doing something about it, is because enough people got together to let their voices be heard

ForGlory said...

I could not agree more. The problem today in politics is that too many people fail to look ahead. Politicians always find themselves backtracking, covering up some problem that their predecessor caused. Oftentimes, causing a bigger mess. We need to plan for our future and begin making changes now. A single voice is enough to be heard, that is all it takes.

Anonymous said...

Two great movies... Who Killed the Electric Car and Taken for a Ride

Ryu, Hye-bin said...

Hello, I'm a student of South Korea. I found your blog in Search engine "Google". I used this in my 'Ecology' paper. I'm sorry using it without your permission, but I'm sure that I identified your blog as a source. Thank you.

Bob said...

This theory about anthropomorphic global warming is totally wrong. One of the key pieces of evidence pointing to CO2 as a cause of global warming is the study of ice samples from the poles. Recent understanding of these ice records prove that throughout history, increases in temperature have been FOLLOWED by increases in CO2. The reason is that warmer liquids cannot hold as much gas in solution. (think about a warming soda going flat) As the oceans have warmed, CO2 has been released.

Another point to consider is that the percentage of CO2 produced by man is tiny. If one pictures the atmosphere of earth as a 100 story tall building, anthropomorphic CO2 would be the tile floor on the first level of that building!

Global warming is caused by the sun. Ice caps have expanded and contracted for millions of years and they will continue to do so.

Jurnal Global Warming said...

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Ng said...

bob, if the increase in CO2 is caused by natural cycle and not by man, how do you explain the fact that planetary CO2 levels are now 8 times higher than it has ever been in the 400,000 years history of the planet?

If this massive spike is not strong evidence of an unnatural man-made phenomena, what is?

Tom said...

Biodiesel does not reduce environmentally hazardous emissions by up to 80%. This is an untrue statement.

Virgin said...

Hi ForGlory,

I'm preparing an illustrated essay on Climate change / Global warming and stumbled accross your site while searching for resources. Hope you wouldn't mind me using some pieces from here to add more seriousness to this devastating issue threatening our planet. Will definitely quote this site as a refference.

Thanks in anticipation

dude! said...

All I know is that it's warm during mid-winter which is not good. Global warming is occuring and soon the world will come to an end if people don't wake up and see what is going on in the world and do their part.

Anonymous said...

Please read to the end of this before making any assertions. Biodiesel does nothing to reduce environmental hazards. It leaches nutrients from the soil, produces about as much CO2 as gasoline and regular diesel, and produces HAP's and water contaminates during its refining process. Regardless of all of this, it is still a GREAT idea. It prevents humans from pulling carbon out of the ground and instead uses carbon that is already in the existing carbon cycle. Refute it all you want. I am an environmental engineer and the more I learn about biodiesel, the more I like it :)

Darth Be'lal said...

Let's see, first off, CO2 isn't a pollutant, it's plant food. Plants respond positively to increased CO2. It's essential for life on earth.

Secondly, there is nothing unusal about the rate or the level of tempurature we've seen in the past hundred years. There were three other warm periods during the past 5,000 years that had higher average tempuratures than we're experiencing now.

CO2 isn't the key greenhouse gas, it's water vapor, which accounts for some 60% to 95% of the greenhouse gas on earth. There is plenty of potential water vapor in the form of oceans which the sun heats up everyday.

In the 1970s, climatologists thought the world was on the verge of an ice age. The results of this global cooling would've resulted in hurricanes, floods, droughts, famines etc. The exact same consequences we hear about global warming. So far, we're doing ok.

Go to youtube and type in "Climate Change - Is CO2 the cause? - Pt 1 of 4" and listen to Bob Carter do a nice job of blowing away manmade global warming. Go and find the internet skeptic for a complete burial of the catastrophic global warming idea.

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