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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Does The World Need?

This question oftens come up when government leaders and political activists get together. What can be done to decrease the famine going on in some countries? Put an end to terrorism? Find an answer for global warming? The answer is simple to all of those questions. We are taught at a young age in school that there is no I in team and that teamwork is often times the best answer to any problem. The nations of our world need to realize in between fighting one another, that we face an even greater struggle. We create more problems for ourselves by waging war against other countries as we neglect the needs of our own people and the much greater burdens that lay over our heads. If in some way we learn to respect one another, we may be able to see humanity at its greatest form, the human species at its peak. If we continue to fight one another, we are in a greater sense contributing to our own demise. We neglect issues like global warming and world hunger that will ultimately defeat us all if we continue to act stupid and take no action. We take expensive vacations, buy expensive cars and luxuries to make our already high standards of society and living even higher while people from all over the world in third world countries are lucky if they have a home to call their own. We continue to drain our natural resources and pollute the ozone layer in the process. What the world needs more than anything else is people who understand and appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

hes right if we keep killing each other wat will there be to say of our children and there childen,wat he is trying to say is as much as many of us hate to admit it were all living in this world together,and were all conected wether we like it or not.SO LETS BREAK THIS CHAIN AND LETS UNITE THE NATIONS AND BE THE CIVILIZED SPIECES GOD MEANT US TO BE!!

yo said...

people who know what they are talking about to, some people do that but dont even know what they are talking about. We need to be together work as a nation union team."there is no i in team"-forglory. I'm pollkoll on fs.

Anonymous said...

your right i think the world does need to be a better place we all hate to admit it were living together in this world so we need to start helping one another instead of fighting and killing each other god meant for us to work together not fight one another my profile on fallensword is magi256 by the way did you guys know everyone in this world are in the same blood line because it all started with adam and eva

Asmodhai said...

As easy as it sounds "Breaking the chain" could take hundreds of years, as all the politicians these days are what is ruining cizilization in 3rd world countries and democracy in other nations.

We ourselves can't do much, other than give our votes and maybe have an odd protest or something silly like that here and there.

What the world needs is cizilized politicians who actually want to clean up the world and unite the countries. The thought of that is genuine and warm, but as it is most unlikely to happen anytime soon. However, it is always a good thought to think that maybe one day a majority of our nations can come to peace...

Jeffrey said...

Here is what I think
I know it sounds weird, but we need someone to unite everyone again. Hitler did so. People had something to rise against, a common enemy. Survival was the basic human instinct that was invoked, and unity was formed with the Allies. I know this sounds awful, but that's what we need to do. Have someone rise up in order to unite others.
The Manipulation of basic human emotions is key towards saving our planet. Being greedy is a human fault, but if in some way we can use this knowledge to encourage others to save our planet, we should. There is no conflict of priorities between our planets well being and how good we should feel abouy it. Carbon credits, encouraging people to make money off saving our ozone is a great idea, but needs fine tuning.

Anonymous said...

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